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What is the Build It! 15 Day Booty Challenge?

- Free Training, Coaching, and Support

- Free Easy and Delicious Meal Plan

- Free Workouts That Shape Your Booty and Burn Fat

- Free Access to Trainer Tamara For ALL the Help You Need


Build It! teaches you the RIGHT exercises you need to know to really target your glute muscles and build a booty resembling that peach-shaped emoji. The workouts are quick and intense and the nutrition plan is easy to follow and gives your body the best nutrition to burn fat and shape your muscles.

And a big bonus—this challenge offers SUPPORT. There’s no going at this on your own. You'll be doing this challenge with hundreds of other women who share the same fitness goals as you!

Trainer Tamara is Here With You All the Way!

Hi! I’m Trainer Tamara!

I’m so excited for you to join my Build It! 15 Day Booty Challenge that will burn fat and build the booty of your dreams. I’ll show you the BEST exercises for your glutes that will leave you feeling feminine, curvy, and confident in your own body.

With my ISSA certified personal trainer background and experience competing in the NPC as a bikini athlete, I KNOW what it takes to build your physique.

I'm going to show you the right workouts combined with the right nutrition, so you can achieve incredible results!

I designed this program to give you the tools you need to build a great booty and feel amazing about yourself. So join my challenge and get ready to see how booty-burning workouts and on point nutrition will change your body. You’ll look great, and feel even better.

Trainer Tamara

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